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(Q) At what age can I become a diver?  
​(A) You can become a junior diver at the age of 10.

(Q) Do I need to be physically fit? 
(A) You have to fill out a medical form and have it signed by your doctor.

(Q) Do I need to know how to swim ? 
(A) Yes

(Q) How long does it take to become a certified Scuba Diver? 
(A) The Dive Corner offers a wide variety of schedules to help accommodate you in completing your course. After completing the knowledge development portion of your course (which can be taken online) you can complete the Open Water Diver course in three to four days.  

(Q) What gear will I need to complete the Open Water Diver course? 
(A) It is recommended that you have: 
- Mask

- Snorkel

- Dive Boots
​The Dive Corner will provide the remainder of the required gear for the duration of your course. 

(Q) Will I have fun??

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